STEM Activity – NFC Outdoor Game

For the past couple of years I’ve been working on a project to develop an outdoor game featuring Near-field Communication (NFC) tags and lots of addressable LEDs. Outside of work I volunteer with the […]

Dependency Injection Containers in JavaScript

Dependency Injection is a really important design pattern that will aid in producing clean, loosely coupled and easy to test code. The benefits of dependency injection could go into its own blog post, but […]

Experimenting with Mob Programming

At BMT we hold an annual Hackathon for employees where we can spend three days working on something we don’t normally do. The aim is to develop new skills, work with new people and generally have a good […]

Agile like a project, not like a gazelle

How do you scale agile for large projects ? This article takes a look at agile as its grown and matured and how it can be applied to large scale projects. I recently attended […]

Dockerising NiFi with custom processors and preloaded workflow

I recently had to spin up a NiFi container in docker and wanted to create a default state with a template and workflow already present. This post talks you through how to setup a […]

MoD AI Hackathon: Teaching an AI to interpret satellite images

We were invited as part of a BMT team to submit a proposal for an innovative artificial intelligence project after designing a prototype at a Ministry of Defence (MoD) hackathon last year. The UK […]

UAV Learns how to land like a bird

We’ve created quite a flap in the press over the last few weeks, our very clever team led by Antony Waldock has supported the development of the very first UAV to perform a perched […]