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STEM Activity – NFC Outdoor Game

For the past couple of years I’ve been working on a project to develop an outdoor game featuring Near-field Communication (NFC) tags and lots of addressable LEDs. Outside of work I volunteer with the […]

Dependency Injection Containers in JavaScript

Dependency Injection is a really important design pattern that will aid in producing clean, loosely coupled and easy to test code. The benefits of dependency injection could go into its own blog post, but […]

Agile like a project, not like a gazelle

How do you scale agile for large projects ? This article takes a look at agile as its grown and matured and how it can be applied to large scale projects. I recently attended […]

Dockerising NiFi with custom processors and preloaded workflow

I recently had to spin up a NiFi container in docker and wanted to create a default state with a template and workflow already present. This post talks you through how to setup a […]