3D Artist


Dan is a contract 3D Artist and Animator with 8 years of experience working in video games, animation, real time training and app development.

Dan began his career as a 3D Artist/ Animator with Brighton based casual game developer Zoe Mode creating environment and character art for Sony Playstation’s Eyetoy franchise on the PS2. Dan continued to work with the team on various pitch materials and AAA projects including Guitar Hero and DJ Hero for some of the most well established names in videogames publishing including Activision and Microsoft.

Following this Dan went on to assist in the start-up of a real time training and simulations company that utilised games technology to deliver effective training where he worked for 3 years before returning to work in commercial games as a Lead Artist. After his last studio based job Dan decided to work for himself as a freelancer which he has done for the past 2 and a half years successfully delivering content for commercial games, augmented reality apps and real time training for clients such as Sega, BlippAR and BMT.

When he’s not working, Dan likes to spend his time with his family and enjoys travelling, live music and gaming.