Turning Raw Data into Actionable Information

A key driver for analytics is to derive new value, insights and actions from new or existing data sources.

Data Analytics for a complex system requires a deep understanding of analytics algorithms and the system under investigation.

BMT combines skills from subject matter experts, engineers and data scientists to deliver a data analytics service for a wide range of customers.



Case Studies


Exploiting In-Service Asset Data for Improved Understanding of Asset Usage.
A scalable approach from equipment to an entire ship. Understanding in-service asset usage data can:

Provide supporting evidence for writing, monitoring and auditing smarter availability contracts

Enable improved asset management


When equipment fails it is often sent to the OEM for analysis.
It is common for equipment to be reported back as No Fault Found (NFF). NFFs can be costly.

Using asset data, maintenance data and context data can be used to reduce no fault found occurrences. Providing maintenance cost savings. Shorter turnaround time for assets back into service


Analysis of Part Robbing Across a Fleet.
Using maintenance records and experts to improve understanding of maintainer behaviour, commonness of part-robbing and trends in robbing. Improved understanding can result in:

Less parts required in stores

Reduced robbing incidents

Reduced repair costs