BMT’s ENGAGE is an immersive 3D training platform, designed from the ground up to deliver collaborative and distributed training for the next generation of trainees. ENGAGE supports desktop, mobile, VR and AR platforms and is fully network ready for multi-trainee scenarios.

ENGAGE is supported by a suite of intuitive trainer tools. Scenarios can be created and then monitored in real time across multiple trainees including the ability to blend disparate data sources to enhance and reduce the cognitive load of the trainer.


POWER TO THE TRAINER ENGAGE has been developed to allow easy management of training scenarios, people and assessments. The intuitive tools allow real-time review and dynamic alteration of training at the time of need.

The trainer can turn on and off hint systems, manage access to way points and inject dynamic events all in real-time.
IMPACT THAT CAN BE MEASURED By the simple fact that the ENGAGE platform tracks a user through their activity, it can collect the key learning metrics by experienced based learning. Built to support open standard learning technology, the data collected can be passed to your Learning Management Systems and seamlessly blend with your existing enterprise technology.

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